Cake Flavours & Fillings


A classic chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting filling

Vanilla/Butter cake
A light vanilla cake with vanilla frosting

Orange Poppy Seed Cake 

A lovely less sweet alternative filled with a delicious mascarpone frosting

Confetti cake
Vanilla cake with baked in 100’s and 1000’s giving a speckled coloured cake inside. Filled with vanilla frosting

Coffee cake
A light coffee cake with coffee buttercream

Mocha cake
A coffee cake mixed with chocolate mud and filled with a coffee buttercream


Chocolate mud
A moist dark chocolate mud with a chocolate ganache filling

Chocolate mud with Raspberry
Chocolate mud cake with a raspberry jam filling

White Chocolate mud
A white chocolate mud cake made with white chocolate and filled with a white truffle ganache

White Chocolate mud with raspberry swirl
White chocolate mud cake with a raspberry swirl and filled with white chocolate ganache

Marble Mud
A mixture of chocolate mud and white chocolate mud filled with a chocolate frosting

Red Velvet
A moist raspberry/chocolate mud cake filled with cream cheese frosting

Jaffa Mud
A dark chocolate mud with an orange flavour and filled with an orange flavoured chocolate frosting

Caramel/Chocolate Mud
Caramel mud with a swirl of chocolate mud and filled with caramel truffle ganache

Traditional Fruit Cake
A rich fruit cake made with alcohol ( additional surcharge)

Gluten Free Chocolate
Chocolate cake made without gluten and filled with a chocolate frosting